2019 Ruin Vessels

Ruins of Present

        This work is about the history of a raw material that is the perfect symbiosis of past and future, narrative and calculation, ruin and new construction, poetry and hightech, analog and digital. Sand. All buildings and streets are built out of it and even computer chips which open the gate to the digital world are obtained from the resource of sand.

- Everything is inherent in a cycle -

Ruins of Present represents a machine which produces rotationally symmetrical vessels made of sand. Syringes are used to inject the liquid potassium silicate into the sand. Potassium silicate is a liquid derived from silicon that silicifies sand and „sticks“ it together. Carbon dioxide from the air around hardens the liquid, thus creating vessels of limited lifetime that have a ruinlike appearance. As an alternative, carbon dioxide emissions from industries can be used as a resource to harden the vases more quickly. These vessels are reminiscent of archaeological finds, although they were made by a contemporary manufacturing method. They stand for the construction and decay of sand and tell of a finite resource that can be extracted from the most diverse places in the world. Therefore, they appear in a variety of earthy tones, depending on their origin.


Machine: 250cm x 50cm.
Vessel: 35cm x 35cm.


Photo credits: Lenn Gerlach, Kyra Heilig.


Machine: beech wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, rubber.
Vessel: sand of various origins and grain sizes, potassium silicate.

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