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Fragments of mining - Book

        "Fragments of mining" is a collection of the fragments of quarrying, derived from the different potentials found in the three major sedimentary layers of the Swabian Jura; I.Lias, II.Dogger and III.Malm. For each layer a separate working part was developed.

The first part resulted in an installation consisting of naturally fractured stone, whose objects located between furniture and sculpture were assembled with the help of various metal clamps. The second part of the work is about stone working by human beings and the tools they need to gain knowledge and experience about the stone. The tools are made entirely from the raw materials of the Dogger and refer to the connection between geology and the resulting industries of the region. The third part is about an utopia based on the natural phenomenon of karst stone growth. For this purpose, an experimental setup was designed as an outlook to be able to grow stone objects in the future through a device in the water, on which limestone deposits on a structured form. The resulting objects are supposed to be added back to the cycle after usage. The three-part work contributes to the transfer of knowledge and serves as an impulse for a way of working in design that deals with the relevant discourses on the resources of nature in it’s own environment and it’s ecosystem.


Catalog: 25cm x 16cm x 2cm.


Rockpaper, ink, nettle cloth.


Grafik Design: Oliver Häusle︎︎︎.
  Typeface: Office Times Sharp, Boulevard LAB.
Paper: Munken Print, Rockpaper.
Photo credits: Kübra Temiz︎︎︎, Oliver Häusle, Lenn Gerlach & Kyra Heilig.

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