2022 Malm

Fragments of mining - Malm

        "Fragments of mining" is a collection of the fragments of quarrying, derived from the different potentials found in the three major sedimentary layers of the Swabian Jura; I.Lias, II.Dogger and III.Malm. For each layer a separate working part was developed.

The third part of the work, on the uppermost Jura sediment Malm, is about an outlook that understands nature as a producing machinery through an added tool. The natural phenomenon of the growth of lime tufa is an open-pored limestone that is deposited by CO2 absorption of moss and algae in streams. With the help of a modular experimental set-up, the natural formation process is intervened in to create optimal conditions of up to 2cm growth per year for the formation of the rock. In the utopia, a roughly structured form made of PLA is to be overgrown first by plants and then by lime. A short film illustrates the natural phenomenon and its potential in more detail. The design is intended to provide an outlook on the fact that design and research can work out novel production methods in dialogue with each other.


Experimental set-up: 50cm x 35cm x 25cm 

Stoneutopia: 25cm x 15cm x 7cm


    Expert: Luisa Meiritz - Geologist.
Research: Museum Mühlhausen-Donau, Museum Waldstetten, Stadtmuseum Schelklingen.
    Photo credits: Lenn Gerlach & Kyra Heilig.


Mirror polished stainless steel, PLA, limestone. 

    Gerlach & Heilig

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