2019 Hammered Scapes

Hammered Scapes

        A new production method which emerges from a traditional craft and defines the process between the artist and the machine as a performance.

Hammered Scapes is a new interpretation of the hammering craft. Individual punches on the sheet metal are caused by the impact of a compressed-air nailgun. The workbench and CNC-milled stencils, which were designed for the purpose of hammering, help to form reproducable shapes and to control the movement of the sheetmetal during the process. The workbench represents the center of the happening.

The nailgun is handled by the artist itself and the whole setting allowes an intuitive, painterly approach which leads to a production happening of a performance. 3-dimensional bodies with high rigidity and stability can be created due this production method made of just a thin metal sheet. By the usage of various hammer attachments for the nailgun different surfaces and nearly „landscapes“ can be formed. Every object is a unique piece created through a process performance between user and machine. Each of them manifests the aesthetic and the functional range of this technique.


Workbench: 90cm x 65cm x 65cm.
Panel: 50cm x 30cm.


Photo credits: Lenn Gerlach, Kyra Heilig.


Workbench: softwood, glued wood panels, metal.
Panel: mirror polished stainless steel.


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