2021 Leather Weights

Corpus exersere - Leather Weights

        The historical use of weights demonstrates their versatility and enduring presence in human civilisation. From trade and craftsmanship to physical training and cultural rituals, weights have served as essential tools, embodying both practical and symbolic meanings in various contexts.

The "leather weights" series is part of a wider range of objects which find their purpose in the intersection of a human-driven physical engagement and a sculptural approach. Sewn from leather offcuts and filled with sand, each weight possesses the unique quality of developing a valuable patina over time, particularly when in contact with sweat and touch.

The weights serve multiple functions across three distinct phases: exertion, relaxation, and conscious presence all intertwined with the interaction through the human body.  

In training, the series embodys the mundane idea of a weight being used to exercise and to challenge the body and improve physical abilities.
When the weights lie on the body, they can induce a sense of relaxation, similar to the effect of a weighted blanket. This can help reduce disquietness, promote a calming effect, and aid in muscle relaxation.
The presence of the sculptural objects have a symbolic significance and it embodies the concept that the absence of sports is intricately woven into the very fabric of sports itself, highlighting the profound interplay between presence and absence, action and inaction.


Various Weights: 10cm x 12cm x 4cm - 30cm x 30cm x 6cm.


Production support: Gabriel fabrics.
Photo credits: Kübra Temiz, Kyra Heilig.
Model: Mana Matsumoto.


Various Weights: leather, sand, textile.

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