2021 Leather Weights

Corpus exersere - Leather Weights

        This project questions questions the previous appearance of fitness objects in times when necessarily most workouts were practiced from home. Through the use of leather, sand and textile, body flatterers were created that are comfortable to interact with. When not in use, their warm and soft material properties and sculptural appearance visually blend into the living space. The weights are made of leather, filled with sand. 

The various weights are made of leather, filled with sand. Leather has the characteristics of acquiring a valuable patina in connection with sweat, through which the user „appropriates“ the object for years.


Various Weights: 10cm x 12cm x 4cm - 30cm x 30cm x 6cm.


Production support: Gabriel fabrics.
Photo credits: Kübra Temiz, Kyra Heilig.
Model: Mana Matsumoto.


Various Weights: leather, sand, textile.

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